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      Palmetto Granite Design Stain Proof Stone Sealer


      Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer

      STAIN-PROOF® Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF Plus™, is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects natural stone countertops from damage caused by water, salts and oil-based stains. Treated countertop surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer provides lasting protection for natural stone that comes with a 25 year performance warranty*.

      Benefits of Using Sealer

      • Permanent premium oil and water repellency. 25-year written performance warranty when applied by a STAIN-PROOF Accredited Applicator.
      • Three different custom sealing molecules for 3 levels of penetration and maximum stain repellence
      • Includes a super penetrator for deep penetration of dense granites and marbles.
      • Retains natural surface color and finish
      • Super breathable: water vapor escapes freely preventing harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material
      • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.

      Surface Care Instructions

      1. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible

      Impregnating sealers work by repelling liquids rather than blocking the pores of the stone/concrete. The reason is so that air can still move through the pores, allowing the material to ‘breathe’ naturally. It is the best technology available to protect against staining while preserving the look and natural integrity of your surface. Because the pores of your stone/concrete countertop remain open, the surface is not immune from staining, but the sealer will give you plenty of time to clean up liquids before they absorb into the pores and stain. Using coasters for drinks is also recommended. 

      2. For daily cleaning, we recommend that you use STAIN-PROOF® Daily Countertop Spray

      STAIN-PROOF® Daily Countertop Spray is a pH neutral cleaner specially designed for natural stone countertops. Daily Countertop Spray is food safe, provides a mild, natural citrus scent, and contains a tiny amount of invisible sealer to increase protection. If you do not have a specialist cleaning product, warm water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent can be used.

      3. For more stubborn grime, ‘spring’ cleaning, or Stain removal, use STAIN-PROOF® Alkaline Cleaner and Daily Floor Cleaner

      STAIN-PROOF® Alkaline Cleaner (previously known as Oxy-Klenza™) is a safe, powerful, oxygen based, alkaline cleaner. Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner is a natural active enzyme cleaner that cleans general grime and stains caused by oil, mold, food and beverages. Acidic cleaners should never be used.


      1. Impregnating sealers will NOT prevent surface etching. It is important to find out if your countertop is made from marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, or other acid sensitive materials. If so, it is important to wipe up spills from acidic substances (including citrus juice, vinegar, cola and wine) immediately, before acid etching occurs. 
      2. Impregnating sealers repel water and oil but DO NOT repel solvent based liquids, e.g. solvent based inks. 
      3. DO NOT leave wet trays, cutting boards, bowls, vases, and similar things on your surface. For example, the water underneath a wet plastic tray will evaporate very slowly, and if left for days or weeks might stain the surface.

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